About Zubronok


    In the midst of the old birches, as a tear that fell from the sky, a huge lake shines. It is so beautiful! Stories about his magic are passed from mouth to mouth, from the village to the village, and even in distant countries. These lake was called the pearl of the Belarusian land - Narach.

   In August 17, 1969 silver pioneering horns heralded the fact that on the shores of the blue-eyed Narach Pioneer and Komsomol Belarusian Camp was opened. From that day "Zubrenok" became the capital of a happy childhood, the headquarters of many interesting cases and undertakings. A trip to the camp is a great honor, a reward for exemplary school studies, socially useful things, high confidence of the school community. On 76 acres of pine forest stretches the Republic of "Zubrenok". The first buildings were service dormitory with 160 seats, a dining room and a medical centre.



  In 1970, the camp of CC Committee of Belarus "Zvezdochka" joined "Zubrenok". In such a way there appeares  two squads in "Zubrenok": "Lazurnaya" and "Zvezdnaya".    

  In 1972, the system includes a second building, and in 1979 - the third building of the squads "Lazurnaya". The camp began to take up to 700 people in summer and 420 girls and boys during school hours.  

  In 1986 a new school for 640 people was opened. It had a large cinema and sport complex.   In 1992 a fund of social support for children and adolescents, "We are for the children"  became the owner of the camp. In 1993 the Palace of children's creativity began operating. Here pupils spend a nice time after school.  

  Various clubs, tourist societies, a library, swimming and sport activities occupy children's spare time.   In August, 18 2000, the camp became the property of the Ministry of Education.   In 2001, the fifth living building for 200 people - "Solnechniy Gorod" was opened. Then began renovation of theliving building  "Zvezdniy Mir" (former squad "Zvezdnaya").  

 In 2005, a new building "Zvezdniy Mir" took children. The building "Ozerniy Prichal" was closed for renovation.   In 2005, there were opened the living building for relaxation of the children from shelters - "Zelyonaya Polyana" and the canteen "Zvezdnaya".  

In 2006, the reconstruction of the building "Ozerniy Prichal" was finished and the renovation of the building "Lesnoy Dom" began.

 In 2007, the reconstruction of "Lesnoy Dom" was ended and began the renovation of "Lazurniy Ostrov".   In 2008, the reconstruction of "Lazurniy Ostrov" was finished.   

  "Zubrenok" today is a complex of seven buildings: "Lazurniy Ostrov", "Lesnoy Dom", "Ozerniy Prichal", "Solnechniy Gorod", "Zvezdniy Mir", "Zelyonaya Polyana", "Raduzhniy".   In 2009 the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree № 417 "On the Establishment of Education" National Children's Health Camp "Zubrenok." According to the Decree the educational institution "National Children's Health Camp" Zubrenok" was renamed into the Educational Institution" National Children's educational  health-improving center "Zubrenok" (NCC "Zubrenok").



«Лазурный остров»