About Zubronok


  In a beautiful corner of Belarus among the amazing lakes and wonderful forests, there is a unique land of childhood – the center "Zubrenok." For many years it has been pleasing young people with its warmth and tenderness and giving them joyful meetings, unforgettable emotions, good humor and friendship.

But why, actually, "Zubrenok"? Bison is a great and powerful animal, with a noble temper. It’s a symbol of our country, of the identity of the Belarusian people. And small children “zubryata” are our hope for a happy future, the future which keeps the uniqueness of the Belarusian nation. Therefore, "Zubrenok" - is not only a great country and a good childhood, it is also the capital of our Future.

Director NCC "Zubrenok"
Onufriyeva N. G. 

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Director Onufriyeva Nadezhda Gennad’evna reception 22662  
Deputy Director of educational and methodological department Tchizhik Tatiana Arkad’evna 22700  
Deputy director of administrative work Marmuzevich Nina Mihailovna 22574  
Deputy director of educational work Shlyk Marina Valer’evna 22667  
Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Pleshak Anna L’vovna 22780  
Head of the department of educational work Gordei Vladimir Pavlovich 22780  
Deputy director of medical and health department Kishko Aleksandr Pavlovich 22572  
Chief Accountant Prokopets Gennadiya Viktorovna 22531 bugalter@zubronok.by
Chief Engineer Swede Alexei Vasil’evich 22787  
Head of the department of legal and personnel work   22745 kadry@zubronok.by
Head of the department of organizational and methodological work Krasovskaya Svetlana Stanislavovna 22762 metod@zubronok.by
Head of the department of the organization of educational work at the structural unit "Lazurnaya" Sharkel Katherine Ivanovna 22783  
Head of the department of the organization of educational work at the structural unit "Zvezdnaya" Milkovsky Vitaly Vladimirovich 22537  
Head of the Department of methodological work in health-improving educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus Schamel Valeriy Nikolayevich

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Head of the department of children's art and cultural work Egorshina Tatjana Sergeyevna 22658 ddt@zubronok.by
Head of the department of sports and recreation activities Andreev Andrey Nikolayevich 22658 sport@zubronok.by
Head of the department of camp certificates’ sale and touristic services Janowicz Svetlana Valer’evna 22660 marketing@zubronok.by
Head of the department of logistics Blashkevich Zoya Nikolayevna 22574