About Zubronok

General information

National Children's educational and health-improving center "Zubrenok" starts operating in 1969. It was originally created as a Republic Pioneer camp of Belarus for the organization of work with the leaders of the Pioneer movement.

According to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus from February 17, 1993 №76 Republican pioneer camp "Zubrenok" was transferred to the Belarusian Fund of social support of children and adolescents "We are the children". 

In 2000 it was transferred to the Ministry of Education (decree of the Council of Ministers from August 18, 2000 №1312). 

By the Decree of the President from August 6, 2009 № 417 educational institution "National Children's health-improving Camp "Zubrenok " was renamed into the Educational Institution" National Children's educational and health-improving center "Zubrenok." 

"Zubrenok" is located in the National Park "Narochanskiy". The area of the center is 76 hectares.

"Zubrenok" - is a modern complex of 56 buildings and structures. There are six dormitories: "Lazurniy Ostrov", "Lesnoy Dom", "Ozerniy Prichal", "Solnechniy Gorod", "Zvezdniy Mir", "Raduzhniy" and housing for relaxation of children from orphanages of family type "Zelyonaya Polyana". There is a playing pavilion "The Seventh Continent". There are Medical Corps, Children's Creativity House, administrative and receiving complex, a school, a canteen, a shop and other facilities on the territory of the center. The center has a swimming pool, a sauna, a concert hall, an assembly hall, a video, a billiard room, two gyms, table tennis room, a computer club, a stadium, an outdoor tennis court, outdoor volleyball, basketball and handball courts, a costume set of theatrical costumes. On the basis of the library the Intelligence Centre was created. In summer for holding special events and occasions administration use open areas, "Friendship Square", " Triumph Square ", Summer Stage on the water, "Green theater", "Glade of fairy tales." 

"Zubrenok" is a combination of different services and departments (administration, department of educational work, departments of educational work on the organization of the structural units of "Zvezdnaya" and "Lazurnaya", the department of organizational and methodological work, the department of sports and recreation activities, the department of children's creativity and cultural muss work, the department of camp certificates’ sale and touristic services, management accounting and finance department of medical care and rehabilitation, dining room, office logistics, security guard, laundry room, dormitory, household service, operational and technical service station and car etc..), which are aimed at establishing and maintaining a comfortable environment for rehabilitation, development and realization of the child’s potential. 

Educational, organizational and methodological support of educational and healing process is carried out by organizational-methodical department, academic work, the department of organization of educational work of the structural units of  "Zvezdnaya" and "Lazurnaya", the department of children's art and cultural activities, the department of sports and recreation activities. In study time a school works. It provides training for state basic standards. The courses are taught in Belarusian and Russian languages. Training sessions are held in the comfortable classes. There are organized extracurricular activities, as well as encouraging and supportive classes in subjects. The center provides a child with books and teaching aids.

Medical care is provided by the department of medical care and rehabilitation. There is a hospital, clinic, dental and physiotherapy rooms, a physical therapy room. The medical staff provides the 24-hour service for children in need of medical care. If necessary, children are consulted and treated in Myadel Central Hospital. 

The branch of medical care and rehabilitation regularly organizes and conducts treatment and preventive measures, is monitoring compliance with health and safety standards, the regime and nutrition of children in the center.

"Zubrenok" creates the necessary conditions for social formation and conscious choices of young citizens  their way of life, prepares them for responsible participation in the development of the Belarusian state and society. With that end, the center has created a system for the development and formation of the active participants’ personal position through the organization of lectures, discussions, "round tables", "brainstormings", Forums on Child and Youth Movement. From time to time Zubrenok organizes meetings with politicians, scientists, well-known figures of culture and art, youth leaders.

"Zubrenok" is the center of the development and implementation of the thematic programs of education aimed at developing leadership and creative potential of children and adolescents, as well as at developing healthy lifestyles.

The center disposes modern logistics base that ensures effective implementation of educational programs, corresponds to the priorities of the State in the field of education and youth activity and the interests of participants in the programs, trends in professional development and growth of teachers. At the same time in autumn and spring 850 children and adolescents can relax in the center; in summer - 950, that year is more than 14,000 people. Age of travelers is from 11 to 16 years old during school hours and from 6 to 17 years during the holidays. In recent years a number of children increases, the number of sessions increased from 11 to 17. 

In an educational institution "National Children's educational and health-improving center" Zubrenok " the theme of sessions and the number of children are approved by the Commission on the organization of recovery. Each session in the " Zubrenok " has a core area (for the leaders of children's organizations, students’ government, military-patriotic clubs , young ecologists, technicians, tourists, intellectuals, volunteers, representatives of children's media, game technicians, anthropologists, and others.).

Selection and direction of children from regions and Minsk city is carried out by the regional executive committees and the Educational Committee of Minsk city. The number of seats for regions is proportional to their enrollment. On the available free spaces the center sells certificates for the full cost.

Parents’ payment of rehabilitation of children in "Zubrenok" is fixed by the Government of the Republic of Belarus in the amount of 60 percent of the cash allowance for meals (which is about 10 percent of total tour price). This fee goes to the republican budget. There is no payment for rehabilitation of orphans and children with disabilities. 

"Zubrenok" is the center of the international children's cooperation. It is widely known not only in Belarus, but also abroad. Through its activities, the center enhances the prestige of the country in the international area. In recent years, children from more than 40 countries visited "Zubrenok". There are annual international forums, change, scientific conferences and other events in the center.

Funding of "Zubrenok" is realized at the expense of the national budget, the funds received from income-generating activities, gratuitous (sponsor) assistance of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, as well as other sources not prohibited by the legislation.